Grain kernels are a marvel of nature, containing the potential of a whole new plant.  Sprouting the grain makes the minerals like iron and zinc more available for absorption.  This is because the soaking and sprouting process breaks down the phytic acid.  The result is a loaf of bread with higher levels of available nutrients.  Our sprouted grain breads are high in iron, zinc and protein – just two slices providing 20% of the recommended daily intake of zinc and iron, and 19% of the recommended daily intake of protein.  And…they taste great!


Traditional wild yeast leavened bread with full flavour and texture.  Made with freshly in-house milled, NZ organic grain.  Both gluten and gluten free sourdoughs are available for your selection.


High in calcium and magnesium (twice the calcium as cocoa). Low fat, low sugar and contains A & B vitamins, protein, zinc, iron and potassium.

Free from refined sugar and made using organic, sustainably harvested cocoa butter.  We temper the carob to get that shine, snap and mouth feel.

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