We've made the healthiest bread, using quality organic ingredients, organic sporuted buckwheat, organic walnuts, organic chia seeds, organic golden linseeds, organic psyllium husk and organic sea salt.  It takes us four days to bake it, but we think its worth it.

The sprouting process makes the minerals like iron, magnesium and zinc more available for absorption.  This is because the soaking and sprouting process breaks down the phytic acid.  The result is a loaf  with higher levels of available nutrients.

Organic Sprouted Buckwheat Bread with Walnuts

  • This packaging is tree-free.  Unlike paper, it is made of waste stone and creates no air pollution, no toxic run-off and no water pollution.  Its manufacture requires no acid base or bleach.  Halogen and phalate free.  Please take the time to recycle.