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We are Wholegrain 

Organics Bakery

At Wholegrain Organics Bakery, we aspire to be an outstanding overall food company to inspire our community to live a happy, healthy and balanced life. We aim to cultivate positive eating habits for future generations.

Every item on our menu has been carefully created with taste and nutritional value in mind, as we know that health does not have to be tasteless!

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Why Sprouted?

Whole grains are healthy and sprouting makes what is already healthy in whole grains even better, naturally.

Sprouting releases the benefits stored in grains and transforms many complex nutrients into simpler forms, which are then more easily absorbed by the body. Grains can stay dormant for many years, even centuries, and certain chemical defence mechanisms that make this happen are not affected by conventional milling and baking. However, when they sprout, these chemicals are broken down, preventing them from causing many of the allergies often associated with modern bread wheat and processed foods. Natural sprouting sugars are less likely to cause the sugar rush associated with refined foods and those with higher added refined sugars. That is why our bread is perfect for fitness regimes and people looking for a low GI diet. There are also significant changes in enzyme and vitamin levels that make sprouts and sprouted bread much healthier.



We are a registered charity supporting the youth of our city by partnering up with local business and schools - connecting youth and their education with the wider community through service (learn and give).

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